Cambridge Assessments for University Entry

St. Dominic's International School is a centre for the university admissions tests which include BMAT; PAT; MAT; TSA, etc. 

Registrations are open from 1st September 2018 and the exams take place on 31st October 2018. Please note the following deadlines and fees:

1st October - deadline for BMAT standard fee registration (125 Euros)
15th October - deadline BMAT late fee registration (175 Euros)
15th October - deadline for all other tests (125 Euros).

Should you be interested in registering then please send an email to .


BMAT Tutoring
Between Monday 10th September and Friday 27th October, St. Dominic's will be offering tutoring sessions to prepare candidates for the BMAT exams.  The cost of the tutoring will be 60 Euros per hour and a half session, and there will be three sessions a week available, covering Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The sessions take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (respectively).