Academic Results and University Placements

St. Dominic’s is a school committed to inclusivity. Our statistics are very transparent and we do our best to ensure that each student achieves their potential.

We have students from our 2017 cohort who have accessed their first-choice universities in some of the top establishments worldwide, including: Pharmacy at  Monash University in Melbourne, Australia; Psychology at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa; Philosophy at KU Leuven in Belgium; Biotechnology at the University of Torino in Italy; Film Studies and Politics at the University of Kent in England; Computer Engineering at Edinburgh University  in Scotland and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Surrey in England

The number of students registered for the Diploma has more than trebled in the past four years. The highest points total awarded to a candidate has been 39 or above throughout these four years, and the school has improved the average of points obtained by candidates from year to year. The average grade obtained by candidates has also increased. We are pressing to continue this upward trend in the grades achieved by SDIS students, especially, but not exclusively, at the top end.

SDIS’s inclusivity involves enabling all students to make the progression to and through the Diploma programme. Students at the lower end of the Diploma spectrum are reassured that universities in different countries have different requirements and that for some students simply a pass of 24 points in the Diploma will enable them to progress to tertiary education in a university of their choice. Students from our 2017 cohort with 30 points or less have gained places to study prestigious courses in top universities, such as Film Studies at Kent and Computer Engineering at Heriot-Watt in Edinburgh. Often success is about ensuring the students have the right subjects and make the right choices rather than the top overall scores. However, we also recognise that we need to prepare our very best students for the very best universities, and this year we have students applying to read Economics and History at Oxford and Medicine at prestigious universities such as Glasgow, Imperial and UCL.


   2017 results 2016 results 2015 results
Number of Diploma and retake candidates registered in the session  43 33 21
Number of candidates who passed the Diploma   36 26 17
Average points obtained by candidates who passed the Diploma  31 30 30
Highest Diploma points awarded to a candidate  39 39 43
 Average grade obtained at the school by candidates who passed the Diploma  4,89  4,74  4,70

Middle Years Programme

SDIS has established itself as a pioneering school, being one of the first to start participating in the IB MYP E-assessments, bringing more academic rigour to teaching practices, and helping students to be better prepared for the academic demands of their future. This is why there was an increase in registrations from the academic year of 2015-2016 to this past year of 2016-2017, matched by an increase in the number of students who obtained their MYP certificate, providing them with a formal qualification at the end of the programme.


In comparison to world averages, SDIS students were able to surpass them in 12 subjects in 2016-2017. One student was able to achieve 54 points out of a maximum of 56, and 35% of students this last year achieved 40 points or more, which means they achieved an average of 5 for each subject.



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