The Dominican sisters first brought their philosophy of education and its values to Portugal in the 1600´s and through various twists and
turns of history, St Dominic´s International school proudly carries on this tradition in 2021. 


At St Dominic’s, veritas or the search for truth, sits comfortably with the International Baccalaureate mission of developing inquiring, knowledgeable and caring people. We are a committed International Baccalaureate school, having been registered with the three programmes Diploma,
Middle Years and Primary Years since 1997.

Being a school with inclusivity at its heart, we believe that all people bring value to a community.
Through our academic, arts, sporting and community and service programmes we are committed to bringing the best out of everyone.

Our definition of learning, which guides the planning and implementation and reflection on learning, places this value in the daily context.

Learning is ageless, empowering and enables us to grow.

Learning is using our curiosity to explore.

We ask questions, take action and share our findings.

We cooperate with our community to make connections.

Learning is without boundaries, taking place within the classroom and beyond.


Whether as a potential student, parent, or as a teacher, please feel welcome to have a look at what we can offer - and then get in touch.
You will receive a warm welcome.



Steve Blackburn



St. Dominic's Charity Fundraising

The pandemic situation that we are facing in Portugal is having consequences that are difficult to ignore.
The less fortunate have become increasingly unprotected, with the number of disadvantaged families growing every day. Actions and Involvement from governmental authorities is becoming progressively limited and charities and institutions who work in this area are already operating at full capacity.
Under these circumstances, Veritas Educatio – Educação e Serviços, as owners of the school, have created the St Dominic´s Charity Fundraising with the hope that those who have the privilege of being able to contribute, will do so.
The money raised each month will be used to buy necessary food/nutritional/health care products to the entities recommended by the Câmara de Cascais.

A small donation can contribute to improving the circumstances of those around us and help contribute to valuable actions of the charities and institutions that are already engaged in working to help those in need.

Cambridge Assessments for University Entry

St. Dominic's International School is a centre for the university admissions tests which include BMAT; PAT; MAT; TSA, etc. 

For more information, please send an email to

"students in the Junior and Senior Schools have many opportunities through the Student Council projects, Personal Projects (MYP), CAS and other initiatives to serve the local and global community"

Council of International Schools (CIS), 2015

"the school has put a great deal of effort into updating and documenting policies, including having a maximum class size per grade level in the Board Policy Manual. This will ensure that there is a process for maintaining the current level of personalisation and meaningful learning experiences"

Council of International Schools (CIS), 2015

"the Visiting Team acknowledges the work the school has completed in developing a new Mission Statement, the caring and nurturing environment provided by the staff, the Health and Safety Committee’s attention to school safety and risk management, and the general level of collaboration, resourcefulness, and dedication evident among the teaching and support staff"

New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) , 2015

"the school promotes students’ awareness of local, national and world issues through explicit links with central ideas and lines of inquiry in the school’s programme of inquiry"


International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) , 2015