St. Dominic’s International School is proud of our open admission policy and our commitment to encourage each student to achieve to their highest level.

Our IB Diploma and MYP results, demonstrate our dedication to your child’s academic success.

Over the last five years, 75% of our students passed the IB diploma with an average score of 30 points.  When compared with a worldwide average score of 28 points and a worldwide pass rate averaged at 78%, we are very proud of our graduating students who have gone forward to attend colleges and universities worldwide such as University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Imperial College in the U.K, Brown University in the U.S., DELFT University of Technology in the Netherlands as well as Universidade de Medicina de Lisboa, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Universidade Católica de Lisboa.

Our Middle Years Programme (MYP) students also achieved marks of which we are quite proud.

  2014 results 2013 results
Students who obtained MYP certificate 83.3% 75%
Average points   48 46
Average grade per subject 5.25 4.98
% that equal/exceed world average 73% 48%

We congratulate the hard work and effort of the students, teachers, and parents!

All levels of the International Baccalaureate programme are structured to provide students with a rigorous and balanced education, to facilitate geographic and cultural mobility, and to promote international understanding and awareness.

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